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Top Three strategies to maximize healthcare technology investments

Investment in technology is essential to keep up with trends in the healthcare industry. The field is changing with new technologies, such as: Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, virtual reality (VR) and much more. It’s imperative to understand these technologies, and have a strategic plan in place to ensure a strong ROI while maintaining a focus on patient care.

Here are 3 tips to get the most out of your investments:

Prioritize the patient experience. This is one of the major challenges in healthcare, and many haven’t figured out how IT can support and improve this. It’s crucial to consider what can be done in the digital space to support patients, whether in the facility or remotely, through the use of kiosks, tablets text messages and even e-mail. In order to get a good understanding of what patients want and need, it’s a good idea to consider and analyze the wealth of available data and information.

Maintain accessibility for employees. Having successful, easy to use and portable workflows to interact effectively with patients and colleagues is essential for an optimized experience. However, being tied to a PC can impede clinicians’ ability to provide clinical care. Transitioning workflows to portable devices and applications allows for improved access while providing care.

Take a holistic approach. With a large and varied group of stakeholders, from patients to employees to suppliers, integrative planning is crucial for the success of any technology investment in healthcare. By eliminating silos between departments, organizations can ensure consistency across departments and facilitate sharing and analysis of information to drive efficiency in operations, and ultimately a higher ROI.

Interested in learning more about IT strategies for the healthcare industry? Reliable can provide tools, counsel and so much more, to help you take advantage of all of these benefits. Contact us today to learn more.


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