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The Tangible and Intangible Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Innovative leaders and executives are catching on to the benefits of deploying hybrid cloud services within their IT strategies.

In these environments, the task and processes critical to businesses are the starting point for selecting the right cloud solution, rather than the other way around. Instead of forcing operations to function in a one-size-fits-all infrastructure, hybrid and multi-cloud strategies place the focus on the work that needs to get done and the business objectives.

One of the tangible benefits of hybrid cloud is efficiency. Our experience has shown that multi-cloud deployment significantly speeds up companies’ digital transformation initiatives, on the order of two to three times over other models. That drives another tangible benefit: revenues. The faster and more efficiently you’re up and running in the new environment, the quicker you can move past technology concerns to focus on your core business and goals.

But beyond things that organizations find easy to measure, the flexibility of hybrid cloud also provides intangible benefits that are nonetheless very real and valuable to an organization. For instance, in a DevOps environment, the common incentives, tools and processes in an un-siloed hybrid cloud workspace drive a more collaborative company culture where your employees have a sense of shared responsibility.

At the same time, these strategies give your teams – especially those working on microservices – freedom from traditional integrated test models, and the tools for independent and truly continuous deployment. Releases come early and often, driving higher-quality code and decreasing risk from production bugs and other complications.

Fundamentally, hybrid cloud is a major step toward the long-time strategic goals of IT developers and architects as well as company leadership. For IT teams, that can mean workloads delivered as serverless functions. For CEOs, it means greater organizational efficiency, less hassle, higher success rates and, most importantly, the ability to focus on core business goals, and less on IT concerns.

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