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The CCPA is Effective. Are You Aware of all the facts?

This New Year, the new bill promises to protect your data from all odds. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) gives control over the data if people know how to take advantage of it. Do not wait till the end, stand up on your toes to see every bit of CCPA for your business. CCPA is giving power to consumers over their data.

The act is active. Be aware of the facts of CCPA:

  1. The CCPA applies to all the businesses that collect data from consumers in California. There are three main criteria —i) 50,000 consumers data has to be processed or more; ii) annual gross revenue over $25 million; iii) derives half of its revenue from selling data. Businesses have to follow at least one among them.
  2. Businesses will pay penalties for not complying with the CCPA (up to $2,500 for each non-intentional violation; up to $7,500 for each intentional violation).
  3. Under the CCPA, organizations are allowed additional days to process a consumer request if necessary (up to 90 days).
  4. It is mandatory to disclose what data is being collected by cookies and why.
  5. All have to provide a link page “Do not sell” on the application’s platform—especially in the case of online services like mobile apps.


  • CCPA gave the rights to consumers to know what data collected about them by businesses and why. They will decide and informed about the data that must be allowed for sharing or else opt-out. Transparency about data is exceptional in all aspects.
  • Before collecting the consumer data, businesses have to disclose about the data— what type of personal information they intend to receive, from where or which medium they used to collect it, or why they are collecting/selling it.
  • One can ask to delete the post or information about them if they do not like it.
  • Right to sue companies for stolen information.
  • Transparent communication is essential about the data, and personal information cannot be sold without the consent of the consumer.

Right to Say No to Sale of Personal Information. CCPA—your data, rights, services, policies are essential for you. It is important to understand CCPA because your rights are your power. Learn more to predict your future right.

Still, wondering how to go with CCPA? Contact us for your compliance.



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