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Reliable Software Tech Talk on Data Analytics

Data is information collected in a prescribed manner for use as a reference or analysis. Raw data is collected and properly disseminated to create a definite set of information related to a particular topic. Once created, data can be used as a building block for creating new insights through Analytics. These are different types of Data Analytics:

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Data Cleansing, Data Warehousing and Reporting are the 3 key functions of data analytics that help create a ‘Insight’ from ‘Hindsight’ leading to a ‘Foresight’. This helps a person take timely informed decisions, thus resulting cost savings, ease in management.

Data Cleansing is an important part of ETL (Extraction Transform Load) process to create a dataset in a usable format. Data warehouses (also known as Enterprise Data Warehouses - EDW) is a source for data analysis and reporting. Data warehousing creates a centralized repository of integrated data from one or more disparate sources. The EDWs store current and historical data in one place allowing for easier analysis and reporting which can helpful for all throughout the organization.

Datasets can be kept in the form of cubes or other formats for further processing; where charts, graphs, maps are added for creating visually appealing report. Multiple reports can be created and represented on dashboards.


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