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Reliable Software Tech Talk on Modern Analytics and Data Warehouse Architecture

Modern Analytics concerns the merger of analysis methodology and data interpretation using technology and techniques. It is used to handle the challenges faced by data analytics and ultimately make it more agile and accessible to anyone. A modern analytics environment is characterized by ease in deployment and management and is essentially cloud friendly. Whether it is structured or unstructured data, or data at rest, or data in motion, the key is to create a suitable interface that uses AI and machine learning to automate the data collection process. It allows everyone, Data Scientists to business, to catch and analyze the data from anywhere, thus cutting out manual scrubbing and data preparation effort.

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Data warehousing is the process of collecting data from variety of sources and managing it properly so as to generate meaningful insights. Under this, large volumes of data (structured, semi-structured, unstructured) is electronically stored for generating query; analyzing and transforming it into meaningful information and making it available to users in a useful and timely manner. There are 3 types of Traditional Data Warehouses namely Enterprise Data Warehouse, Data Mart and Virtual Data Warehouse. Cloud Data Warehouse uses the public cloud for making data accessible over the internet. This essentially helps cut down on expenses related to setting up on premises infrastructure. As a fully managed and scalable data warehouse (based on Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery) it allows for much faster processing of data.

Star schema and snowflake schema are two different methods of organizing a data warehouse. Both use dimension tables that describe information contained in a fact table. Star schema extracts information from fact table and divides it into demoralized dimension tables; whereas Snowflake schema divides the fact table into a series of normalized dimension tables. Organizational maturity of a data warehouse centers around the manner in which data is collected from the source, brought to staging area, segregated into various warehouses and finally provided to end user based on the query provided.

Are you lookout for ways to adopt Modern Analytics and help to implement Data Warehousing in your organization but are confused as to which one to adopt and how. Contact us to know how Reliable Software can help you manage your data and make it accessible to everyone in the organization.


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