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Reducing Readmissions with Conversational AI

 Hospitals have made great progress with reducing  readmissions.  The effort is not over.   As KHN reports: 

"Medicare is reducing its payments to 2,499 hospitals, or 47% of all facilities. The average penalty is a 0.64% reduction in payment for each Medicare patient stay from the start of this month through September 2022. The fines can be heavy, averaging $217,000 for a hospital in 2018."

A challenge in reducing readmissions is getting the information you need to make corrections.  Most reporting systems and dashboards are after the fact.  And if you see an unusual KPI in your report, there is significant lag time in getting the data to conduct and ad-hoc analysis.  

In our analysis of Operating Rooms we discovered that if a procedure is the last one of the day for a surgeon and it starts late, the chance of readmission almost triples. 


This type of analysis is now possible through Conversational AI.  No more do Clinical and Administrative staff require IT expertise or training to ask questions of their data.  Using natural language, our solution will bring back the data you need to investigate and correct an anomalies.  

All for less than the cost of an average readmission.  Learn more here.  Or contact us. Contact Us


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