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Prediction of AI and Machine Learning in 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two amazing trends hailed in the past years and ready to boom in 2020. Machine learning has already proved us by performing essential real-world calculations and analytics that standard computing machine would take years to solve. With Machine Learning, computers can perform functions without having to be directly programmed for it – which is the beginning of artificial intelligence. Due to the high compatibility of machine learning, computers are capable of working without human intervention.

According to Forbes, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning set to create a total value of $2.6T in marketing and new-age tech by 2020, and an additional $2T in manufacturing and supply chain planning.

Predictions on exactly how AI and ML will mark their presence in 2020:

1. Robots vs humans: So many surveys depicting that robot will replace humans, but the truth is that human+human thinking+right amount of AI and ML will make things better and agile.

2. Move above the algorithm: AI and ML encourage industries to move ahead of algorithms for new trends and tools. Advanced analytics and dynamics are resulting in new inventions to encroach the limits for better future development.

3. No-code analytics: With AI and ML tools go better and self-serviceable. Advanced analytics and automation say bye-bye to code analytics. No-code analytics help to direct digital transformation more effectively with fewer constraints.

4. AI and ML will mark better standards: Already AI and ML made real progress in industries, but better they can do in the future. New models with new operations and developments enabling AI and ML to find success and mark their presence in the long run.

5. Deskless environments: AI and ML will set the dynamic by connecting the dots with deskless environments. The customer engagement process takes a U-turn with new technologies and tools.

The World Economic Forum says that AI and ML together are going to generate more than 60 million net jobs across the world by the starting of 2022. They both area surely going to alter the world with it's innovative, advanced, automated techniques, helping the entire industries with its supernatural technical abilities. The best part is AI and ML technology implemented in a wide variety of sectors. Starting from the medicine, power industries to agriculture, manufacturing industry, transportation, food, beauty, entertainment- AI and ML is available in all the categories. Thus, the present and future proceedings of these technologies are quite natural.



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