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Knowledge is Power

“Knowledge is Power” – it’s a cliché, isn’t it? Or is it really?   ‘Power’ is defined in almost all the dictionaries as – an ability to act or produce an effect. So, how does someone without knowledge create an effect? 

Scientia Potentia Est” - Knowledge is power - is a Latin aphorism by Sir Francis Bacon. Though there is no known evidence that Sir Francis did coin that phrase in any of his English or Latin literary works, even today people believe in this very concise yet powerful phrase.

Knowledge and Power are two very abstract and strong words. You can’t really define what they mean, you need to see them as they are not as you want them to be.

Power is a very generic idea. Possession of something great makes you feel powerful. But does it really make you powerful? Or is it just the feeling. Knowledge is also very obscure term. When do you say one has achieved 100% knowledge? Well, theoretically or practically, one can never achieve a 100% knowledge. So, when we can’t really get everything why do we crave for it?

That is a huge question. From the very beginning of the human race and even before that, every living being craved to know more, to get intelligent. That is our natural instinct. That is what has lead to every innovation and every invention ever made.

  • Knowledge stands opposite to ignorance – the dictionary meaning of ignorance is not being aware of something. Knowledge, on the other hand, is just the opposite, it means, if you have the knowledge about something, then you are an aware person.
  • Knowledge helps us to make the right choice – when you are aware of a particular matter, you will use that awareness to influence your decision to select or choose.
  • Knowledge builds confidence – knowledge by creating awareness, raises your confidence level because you recognize the power within you to talk about a subject and not just to inhale what other says.
  • Knowledge promotes self-esteem – being able to speak on a topic intelligently definitely brings respect and appreciation which automatically translates into higher self-esteem.
  • Knowledge creates the premises for further expertise and excellence – once you taste the power of knowledge you will strive to gather more information, process them and find ways to apply these.
  • Knowledge or for that matter excellent knowledge has the power to influence others – you are constantly being influenced, at times unconsciously by a great deal of knowledge germinated by others. Knowledge is the most powerful tool to influence, motivate and change others.

•    Knowledge above all is the mother of wisdom – a person who gathers knowledge throughout one’s life and seeks to find more is wiser and whom you will always turn for an advice or suggestion. 



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