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Key Takeaways from IBM Think 2019

As we all know, change is a continuous and on-going process. In this digital era, technologies are changing rapidly with new, innovative features; every company is on its edges to upgrade for transformation around the globe. IBM Think 2019 opens the doors of organizations to come and learn these new technologies under one roof to implement them for future success. IBM Think evolves you as a person, as it was a hub of technology and people networking. On-hand training on new innovative technologies sharpened our skills and drew attention to what framework is needed for your company to implement.

To unlock the hidden value of data and services, organizations are heading towards new innovations, new technologies with the real-time data, increased customer satisfaction, and faster business growth. Eminent speakers, guests, leaders, representatives presented new inventions and innovations. Key points which we picked up at the IBM Think 2019 are:

  • Modern Integration and its application for business.
  • Augmented Intelligence—how humans can do faster work.
  • Digital Transformation for better outcomes for business with an increase in product quality and employee satisfaction.
  • Complexity and fragmentation are the new reality because of so many new tools for analysis and real-time approach despite batch.
  • Agile Integration Architecture—best for manufacturing industries.
  • Hybrid Integration Platform—integration platform as a service cloud.
  • Cloud Integration Platform—most powerful platform applicable for any process.

The best question of the conference was—Why companies fail when digitally transform? Bad integration is the answer. All business are integrating but not in the right way, i.e., Technology ->Skills -> Architecture. Modern Integration is the right approach to grow any business with a supporting data integration framework. If you are facing the integration challenges in your organization, contact us. We can help you to transform your business with our data integration services.

 It was a great experience to be a part of IBM Think 2019—training, networking, and fun. At IBM Think there was so much to learn, explore, and implement for your business. I would suggest to all the techies out there, go to the next IBM Think. It will help you to grow in business as well as in your career.



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