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IoT Trends and its Predictions in 2020

We all aware of IoT proliferated in 2019 and succeeded in taking its position in this competitive world of technology. In 2020, IoT is a sensation again due to its extreme use cases in enterprises and also cementing a strong bond towards business operations. This year, it will hit mainly four components: Sensors, Networks, Analytics, and Applications. IoT and smart devices already increasing the performance metrics, but the question is, “What is the impact of many technologies on IoT and predict what is next for IoT?”

Major challenges IoT is facing

  • Compatibility and Interoperability of different IoT systems
  • Data Security and Privacy issues
  • Connectivity
  • Intelligent analysis & actions
  • Consumer awareness

IoT is embracing enterprises by overcoming their challenges, closely working with the data center, building a proper data structure, and serve customers tremendously — algorithm of IoT transforming enterprises, reducing cost, and eliminating risks.

 Benefits of IoT

  • Real-time communication among devices.
  • Automation leads to faster production and on-time output.
  • Information tracking is accurate to make better decisions.
  • Proper Time management.
  • Increase in ROI
  • Automation of daily tasks leads to better device monitoring.
  • Applications of this technology culminate in increased comfort, convenience, and better management.

Trends and predictions of IoT

  • IoT in Manufacturing: In manufacturing, it’s an 4th industrial revolution with IoT. Digital factory, delivery tracking, predictive equipment maintenance, and smart security systems are the ladders to let Manufacturing a Smart Factory. In the coming years, manufacturing industries will rule the market with innovation and technology uses.
  • Logistics and fleet management improved with IoT. Storage and selling conditions, usage of beacons, and smart surveillance paving the way to emerge with the industrial revolution. Technology embracing logistics drastically in the coming years, this industry will run with full automation.
  • IoT in Customer Service: IOT is improving CRMs which in turn embrace customer retention, because of quick and correct information exchange at the needed time.
  • IoT in Healthcare: Wearable sensors and devices, tracking, and indoor navigation tech evolving healthcare at a fast pace. Healthcare data is unique, IOT with digital tracks and automation embracing healthcare efficiently. Prediction for the coming years is quite clear that healthcare is with new tech and trends will boom the market.
  • Smart Stores and Shop floors: RFID, smart lighting, inventory management, automated machines, swipes, etc. evolving stores. More ROI will generate with less investment entirely soon.

The evolution of IOT is not a question now. As more devices connected with the internet, the more is efficiency of its implementation in the coming years.


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