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Industry 4.0—A Manufacturing Reinvention

The role of manufacturers has grown due to the efficiency and proficiency they can offer through hyper-connected technologies, new insights and perspectives as part of their transition to Industry 4.0. This is making the sector richer by further increasing efficiencies and renewing the industry’s approach to innovation.

Industry 4.0 is paving the way for manufacturers to grow and compete in the market with rapid digitalization. The digital technologies of this new industrial revolution are transforming production value chains and business models and reinventing the manufacturing industry in a number of ways:


Industry 4.0 is more than just a “smart industrial revolution” marked by greater machine and robotic automation. It is an “intelligent revolution” driven by hyper connectivity, autonomous production, agility, and the use of data to fuel all of these innovations.

Promising applications of the reinvented manufacturing sector in Industry 4.0 include:

  • The enhanced performance of existing products through advanced materials, sensors and connectivity.
  • Accessible data and metadata for users under one platform to improve business operations.
  • New business models featuring innovative products and progressive manufacturing technologies (AI, Cloud computing, Block chain, IoT, etc.).
  • Customer-oriented intelligence to develop better products and services.
  • Improved operation analytics driven by aftermarket experience.
  • Reduced labor cost due to automation and robotics.
  • End-to-end solutions throughout the manufacturing supply chain with 360-degree view of customers.

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