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How to Set and Achieve Workplace Goals

Everyone has their own professional goals, but how many of us achieve them all during a lifetime? In the workplace you have to be active towards your work, define the roles of each of your team members, and align your own goals with company aspirations. The following are some key points on how to set and achieve goals in the workplace:

  • Define your goals: Before communicating your goals with your team, define why you want to set the goal, how it will benefit the organization’s future and how to track and evaluate progress towards completion.
  • Communicate goals with your team: Once goals have been defined, now set the goals for your team with the following formula in mind:

Clear Goals + Effective and Collaborative Team = Goal Achievement 

  • Identify the resources you’ll need to achieve your goals: With clear goals in place, ensuring you have data to inform your measure is imperative. Identify and set key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help monitor progress and success.
  • Set deadlines for your goals: Specific deadlines play an important role in ensuring accountability and in making the goal more meaningful. A goal with no deadline can lead to procrastination and a lack of urgency to achieve the goal.
  • Track your goals: Tracking progress towards goals keeps team stay focused, motivated and helps make progress towards completion more tangible for the team.

It is very important that your team understands, accepts and commits to organizational goals. Teams with common goals work hard to achieve the desired outcome and improve the organization. By ensuring your goals, KPIs and deadlines are clear, you can ensure you and your team are as effective and efficient as possible in reaching them.

Goals are always challenging but achievable.


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