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How Intelligent Cloud ERP Increases Delivery Process Value

The next generation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) is “intelligentERP, and one of the areas in which these powerful new tools will provide very visible value to agile businesses is in the design and management of delivery processes.

Intelligent ERP applies artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to the ERP function, making powerful business management tools even more efficient and effective than ever before. Complexity has always been a challenge for ERP, but that’s something that AI and machine learning have shown real ability to mitigate in real-world deployments.

For instance, AI’s ability to recognize and factor in context helps intelligent ERP tools understand what the user is trying to accomplish and interact accordingly. Machine learning lets intelligent ERP learn your business and constantly become more effective at helping you manage it with a lower complexity of interaction.

At its best, intelligent ERP goes beyond answering questions to anticipating needs and interacting through natural language rather than structured queries, which can change the entire relationship that many users within an organization have with such tools.

The value the cloud brings to intelligent ERP is the ability to efficiently and effectively focus all the necessary processing power on data analysis, on demand and as needed. With its often widely varying demands for processing power depending on business needs in the moment, intelligent ERP benefits tremendously from the on-demand architecture of cloud computing. It also helps intelligent ERP implementations occur at an organization’s natural pace, rather than through an all-or-nothing upheaval.

When you combine the intelligence of AI and machine learning with the scope of ERP and the on-demand power of the cloud, the results are notable. That’s especially true for organizations hoping to improve their bottom lines by reducing cost, improving time-to-market, increasing agility or achieving other such value-adding improvements.

Delivery process management is a key area in which intelligent cloud ERP can provide these significant benefits, often very quickly. Intelligent cloud ERP assists businesses – especially large organizations with multiple operations in different locations – in identifying and standardizing optimized delivery processes for some or all of their operations.

That’s in part because intelligent ERP systems have an AI-driven capability to not only identify the best practices in play, but also to assist business leaders in surfacing factors that may not be apparent at first glance or that lie outside the traditional scope of process management reviews.

Intelligent cloud ERP increases the value of delivery processes by leveraging the ability of AI and machine learning to detect and analyze relevant data and factors from throughout the entire delivery process, from concept through R&D, marketing & sales, production, delivery and support.

This includes complex data-rich functions such as materials resource planning, supply chain management, inventory & warehouse management and much more.

Interested in learning more about what intelligent cloud ERP could bring to your business’s delivery processes? Contact us today to find out more.


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