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How Employee Motivation Impacts Organizational Performance

Hard-working employees are the base of any organization’s growth and success. It is an organization's responsibility to ensure that hard work is recognized to support employees’ belief that they are an asset to the organization. Motivation and performance are directly proportional to each other and they serve as tools for the long-term success of any enterprise.

Motivation is a willingness to ante up the energy to achieve the goal. Organizational performance follows a simple progression: Input>Activity>Output>Outcome. Motivation is the catalyst that activates the input element so that all the other elements can be performed properly, ultimately leading to the desired outcome.

Importance of Employee Motivation:

  • Recognition, praise and transparent communication are all key elements to ensure employees are satisfied and self-motivated to act upon goals. These elements help ensure continued performance and efficiency, driven by recognition from leadership.
  • Empowering employees to create a positive impact increases productivity, satisfaction and effectiveness. With the right tools available to employees, motivation and morale improves and ultimately leads to better results for customers.
  • Competitive compensation and benefits encourage employees to consistently improve and remain loyal to the organization. When employees feel they are valued, they are more motivated to continue to work at a high level.
  • Job advancement opportunities encourage employees to expand their skill sets and become proficient in more technologies, increasing productivity.
  • Challenges and added responsibilities (within reason) can help employees feel like they are valued as a key player, and part of a team striving for something great.

Recognition + Empowerment + Compensation + Opportunity = Employee Motivation

Communicate more and more with employees and exchange innovative ideas to boost employee morale. Eventually, satisfied and motivated employees will contribute to enhanced organizational productivity, which leads to overall company success. Motivated employees serve with a greater sense of responsibility towards company goals and bring a more innovative, lower stress approach to work.


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