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Five results that might just make robotic process automation worth your while

Automation is a huge part of technological evolution. In the past few hundred years of evolution process we automated a ton of process. Believe it or not, to move forward the only way is to use the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and make the most out of it. If you haven’t heard about this yet, this your chance to get to know about RPA better.

What can you do with RPA?

Most of the mundane tasks we perform everyday are boring and time wasting. By automating those process allows the employees to concentrate on customer centric products. They can invest more time for innovation and creation rather than brooding on the same humdrum tasks.

Result 1

According to the studies conducted by various tech companies who are currently using RPA in their workplaces, it has been proven that the throughput has been increased by 40% than the original throughput. Forty percentage is a significant amount, you can’t augment your productivity by 40% in a rather short term by using any other method.

Result 2

Tools like Upath and BluePrism can develop RPA systems without the use of computer code at all. That is just fascinating, isn’t it? Any company can make use of these tools and just get the benefits of RPA, which are innumerous by the way. So, what does it result in? Yes, the most concerning issue – Money. RPA doesn’t need you to turn your companies coding procedures inside out and replace all of them with new ones. Instead what you essentially do is use tools like the Upath and BluePrism to devise the systems to your need and automate most of the daily process.

Robotic Process Automation RSRIT-1.jpg

Result 3

Develops a special bond between the customer and the seller. This is not a direct effect of RPA, but gradually your company tends to give more importance to customer satisfaction when most of the routine tasks are automated which leads to special relationship with the customers.

Result 4

Faster deliveries. This is pretty obvious, however, the very process of delivering products on time is of paramount importance. Credibility and trust are two very difficult things to earn from the customer. When you add delayed deliveries to the non-existent trust, your company might face some serious problems. Delivering on time is a way to build friendly nexus with your potential trusted customers.


Result 5

Reduce the error. As smart and intelligent as we are, we tend to make mistakes. Fortunately, machines generally don’t, well unless you count hardware failure leading to damage of the machine. Error generally increases the cost of production, which implicitly rises the price of the product developed. If it is a factory manufacturing unit, the cost can go as high as millions of dollars. Better safe than sorry.

RPA used with Machine Learningor Artificial Intelligence programs presented impressive results. The automated programs acted independently with no minimum human interference. RPA process are automated however at some level a person should take a decision for the program to move forward, but the use of AI and Machine Learning algorithms does that for you.

If you are still thinking whether to automate some of the possibly automatable process in your company, well don’t hesitate to take the big step. The world is moving on and if you don’t catch up now, then in the future it will only be much harder. 



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