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Five Digital Transformation Trends in Automotive Industry

The rush of companies making the digital transformation is leading to “business as usual” not seeming so usual, and the automotive industry is no exception. Here are five digital transformation trends automakers should be aware of:

Data-driven improvements for consumers and automakers
The automotive industry is one of the most data-driven industries today. Connected vehicles and devices are collecting and disseminating real-time information about drivers, destinations, routes and traffic patterns, allowing for better tracking and studies of consumer habits. This data is driving improved decisions for automakers and dealerships and giving consumers a better overall automotive experience.

The car buying process is becoming much easier
Until recently, consumers didn’t have the ability to research vehicles before stepping into a dealership, ultimately relying on a salesperson to provide information and answer questions. Data has made the process less complicated, faster and more enjoyable for buyers, with all the necessary information just a click away. Digitally transformed showrooms are now even equipped with virtual reality capabilities, allowing consumers to get a full view of the vehicle from their computers.

Improved manufacturing and supply chain operations
Data and increased connectivity are helping automakers decentralize production and supply chain for improved transparency and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. With artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology, scheduling and managing workflows can be optimized for more efficient assembly line production.

Predictive maintenance is possible
Predictive analytics and vehicle technology take the guesswork out of vehicle maintenance by alerting drivers when maintenance is required. The advanced self-diagnostic systems alert drivers of problems instantly, helping the vehicle owner to proactively service their vehicle, reducing any chance of mechanical failures.

Autonomous driving services are becoming a reality
Today’s automotive innovations are adding more options, made possible by cognitive artificial intelligence technologies, opening the possibilities in a new era of automobiles. It’s believed autonomous driving will be available sooner than later, thanks to innovations in GPS, sensors, cameras and algorithms.

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