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Driving healthcare innovation with AI and Data access in 2021

AI, the new ingredient for success in Healthcare

The influx of technology in the healthcare, particularly Electronic Health Records (EHR) changed both services delivery and patient experience. However, the entry of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will change the game altogether.

The improvements of technology over the decades have made phenomenal progress such as genomic sequencing databases, improved Natural Language Processing (NLP) in services, and robot-assisted surgery.

Benefits of AI in Healthcare:

-         AI serves as an excellent diagnostic tool and has proven its mettle by identifying the varying stages of cancer.

-         AI is quicker validating drug targets and optimizes drug structure design in the Drug Discovery subdomain.

-        AI assesses the effectiveness of patient treatment plans.

-       AI helps in data management and optimizes appointment/surgery scheduling.

-       Lastly, AI lends a hand in clinical research and trials

AI and the COVID19 pandemic:

AI has been successfully used identifying disease clusters, case monitoring, mortality risk calculation, diagnosis, and disease management. AI has been an integral part of the COVID19 warriors' team.

Data Access

The pandemic also exposed the issues that surround data access, sharing, and quality in healthcare. These weaknesses will limit the use of AI in healthcare. However, AI itself can help solve these issues. For example, conversational AI that our strategic partner Chata has developed allow non-technical people to query their data using natural language. No coding, no training required. easing access to healthcare data will be a significant catalyst for change in healthcare.


Future of AI in Healthcare:

Forbes cites that the application of AI in healthcare may result in annual savings of $150 billion by 2026.

Emerging trends to watch out for in this space encompass fields include:

  • Diagnostics
  • Data mining
  • Surgical robots
  • Healthcare assistants
  • Drug discovery and design
  • Clinical trials.

AI has arrived and is here to stay!





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