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Top business intelligence trends of 2017

The real BI trends in 2017:

The world and the IT industries have always shown interest towards the technology and business trends that undergo many changes such as development of the computer (pc), client/server computing and the process of slow change and development of the internet.

From the past few years, new trends have known or easy to see and understand and that had have a large influence on how organizations work, interact, communicate, and to work with the group in order to achieve or do something and protect themselves. Eight IT meta-trends influence organizations, and many strategies, are in a wide variety of ways.

8 IT meta-trends:

Digitalization, Agility, Analytics, Cloud, Artificial intelligence, Consumerization, Security, Mobile

These Meta –trends can be known as the main keys behind a number of important trends either related to the usage of software and technologies for business intelligence and few updates and data management or to the way business intelligence is organized.

 The most 5 BI trends that play major role in 2017:

In short, business intelligence is becoming the way of the future, but we must consider few factors i.e.; when choosing the best system software for your company, so you’ll want to do some research, at an earlier or previous time. 

  1. Visualization in business intelligence:

The 1st trend that seems accepted or happening often or over a large area at a particular time across various sources and analyses is the role of visualization in business intelligence. (BARC) The business application research centre surveyed consultants, and vendors of business intelligence. Visualization came out on top.  Apply best practices like interactive things, navigate, animation.

  1. Cloud based or in house?

The main issue of key concern regarding business intelligence in 2017 will be whether it is cloud-based or in house. This again depends on few factors. The 1st factor to consider is security. Based on which and what kind of information you plan to store. Another factor to consider is speed i.e.; if your company plans to analyze a high volume or information every day, bandwidth may become an issue. So finally a cloud based will offer only limited customization.

  1. Self service business intelligence:

The most major trend in business intelligence is the popularity of self service BI. Self-service BI was also known as one of the top 3 BI trends by BARC.

  1. Data governance

By the next year data governance will also play a major role in helping to ensure more efficient data management, as well as high data quality. Although self service BI is definitely a major trend for the coming years. Data governance allows for more efficient access to information and increased visibility. If this is used for right purpose then organizations manage their data more effectively and help in identifying potential opportunities and manage performance.

  1. Automation and artificial intelligence:

This has the ability to perform data analysis and decision making instantaneously one example is helical insight.

Implication for business users:

Increased need to scale:

  • Across users
  • Across data volume and sources
  • Across departments and cases.


Business intelligence done right:

 The Turns:


Information- knowledge

Knowledge- decisions


Think some new strategies and implement changes in your business and then watch the results. Adjust and repeat as needed.

Anytime access to organized data:

Identify areas of strength & weakness

Discover new opportunities.

Top important & achieving technology trends for 2017:

  • Advanced machine learning
  • Intelligent apps
  • Intelligent things
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Digital twin
  • Block chain and distributed ledgers.
  • Adaptive security architecture.



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