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CyberArk Launches Open Source Secrets Management Solution for DevOps

CyberArk launches Conjur open source version

CyberArk, the well-known leader in cyber security has launched an open source version of their platform agnostic secrets management tool Conjur.

CyberArk is well-known in the world of Privilege Account Security and is the high level watchdog for more than half of the companies on the Fortune 100 list. Cyber Ark does not believe in responding to security threats, it believes in Detect and Respond. This helps predicting security threats well in advance and eliminating them even before they occur. This approach has helped secure indisputable leadership in the field of Privilege Account Security.

Conjur works at the heart of Dev Ops

Cyber Ark acquired Conjur a few months ago as it saw a valuable opportunity in investing in it. While Cyber Ark has been at the helm of leading the Privilege Account Security field, it needed a tool in its suite that would work across the Dev Ops pipeline. Conjur achieved exactly that. It is estimated that close to half the Enterprises use Dev Ops. Strategically, Conjur was an essential tool for Cyber Ark to remain in pole position in its field.

Cyber Ark Conjur – Key Features

This new tool now offers:

Comprehensive Secrets Management – Security of sensitive data, essential for Dev Ops professionals

Authorization and Audit – Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and easy audit possible by secure comprehensive event log

Containerization friendly ­– Essential for today’s BYOD workspaces that rely heavily on containerization technologies

Cloud scalable – Can be deployed on distributed systems, on-premises and Cloud

Comprehensive Integrations Library - Includes validated integrations with leading CI/CD toolsets and integrates easily with existing security systems including AD/LDAP and SIEM.

The Open Source journey

Since the acquisition, Cyber Ark Conjur has been innovative approaches to further strengthen security across the Dev Ops pipeline. The focus has been on identity management for machines. This has necessitated working across open source projects with big and small Dev Ops early adopters.

Going forward, the mission is to develop next generation identity and access management techniques for large scale distributed systems. Today’s high speed, large scale IT environments are fraught with security challenges for Dev Ops professionals.

Dev Ops successes have been largely in environments that have adopted open source software, however the security risks and lack of secrets management solutions with open source solutions is very real. That’s where Cyber Ark Conjur hopes to bridge the gap with its open source version. The upgrade from the open source version to the enterprise version is built seamlessly should the need for the service arise.

The larger vision driving the launch of this open source version is to develop a forum that can share and grow in terms of bringing about the best practices in Privilege Account Security. The idea is to develop a hub for innovation in privilege management for users, machines and code.


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