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Ansible devops program gets upgraded

DevOps (development and operations) is an initiative in software development which is used to mean a type of deft association between development and IT processes. The objective of DevOps is to alter and upgrade the association by recommending more communication and cooperation between these two business companies.

Ansible is an open source IT automation platform which is very simple to setup and still powerful. You can handle very complex tasks with an easy tool like Ansible.

Red Hat is an American multi-national software company offering open-source software products to the business community.

When this Red Hat Company bought the Ansible, the company had believed to deliver a product that could combine the automation capability of Ansible with the company’s cloud services. And it has rightfully delivered so. The new Ansible developments is providing the entire capabilities of automation to the wide business world.

The new Ansible renovations include:

  • Red Hat Ansible Engine – This new design brings business-grade world-wide support that the Red Hat company is known for. With this automation engine, developers and IT companies can more easily and swiftly install IT services. It has the following features:
    • Admission to use thousands of included modules and full assistance for Core modules
    • Proactive notification of critical security and bug fixes
    • 24x7 support via Red Hat, as well as access to the Red Hat Customer Portal.
    • All the advantages of a Red Hat subscription, including Open Source Assurance, Service Level Agreement (SLA) response, regular security and maintenance updates, and more.
  • Red Hat Ansible Engine Networking Add-on – With this new automation, IT companies can now use fully reinforced Ansible modules, enhanced and maintained in-house for many popular networking machines. It provides full support for various networking modules like Arista, Cisco, Juniper, Open vSwitch, and VyOS
  • Red Hat Ansible Tower – With this, you can scale IT automation, manage complicated deployments and increase your company’s efficiency. The features of this are as follows:
    • ANSIBLE DASHBOARD – It provides a display of your network operations and everything that is occurring in your Ansible environment. As soon as you login in to the server, all your recent job status is shown to you.
    • Real Time Job Status Update – You can easily access and see the automation steps that Ansible performs, as each task in completed and review success or failure of each of the tasks. You can even see who ran what tasks and when.
    • You can even schedule Ansible jobs like backups or periodic checks as you want. You can even command execution processes via a remote.
    • You can manage your entire catalogue and even fix issues in your infrastructure.

The Ansible Tower will be available later this month from the original website of Ansible. The Ansible Engine and Network Add-on is supposed to be available by October beginning.


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