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5 Reasons Healthcare Organizations need an IoT Strategy

Convenience. Efficiency. Automation. These three words accurately describe the “why” behind Internet of Things  strategies. Although the healthcare industry has been a bit slower to adopt the IoT than other industries, the technology is ready to transform the way we keep people healthy. As the demand for solutions to lower costs continue to increase, technology can help monitor, inform and notify healthcare professionals of issues before reaching the critical stage. Below are 5 reasons your healthcare organization needs a strategy.

Turning Data into Actions:
Quantified health is the future of medicine,  because health that is measurable can be better tracked and improved. Therefore it’s logical to take advantage of quantified health technology, to continually improve in the technology-driven world we live in. We also know that data can help boost performance and lead to more informed decision making for better outcomes, making the IoT a must for the healthcare industry.

Continually Improve Patient Health:
What if wearable devices connected to a patient could indicate medical issues and send alerts directly to their physician’s tablet or computer? Increased device connectivity ensures every detail of patient care is taken into consideration to make the most advantageous decisions for patients to be used as a medical home monitoring tool.

Help Promote Preventative Care:
Preventative care and reduction of readmissions have become primary areas of focus as medical expenses continue to grow. The expanded access to real-time, high fidelity data on patient’s health will reform patient care and reduce the need for readmission by helping people live healthier lives.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction & Engagement:

The IoT can also increase patient satisfaction by optimizing surgical workflows and improving patient engagement by reducing the need for direct patient-physician interaction as devices connected to the internet can delivering valuable data remotely and conveniently.

Advance Care Management:

The IoT enables care teams to collect and connect large amounts of data from personal fitness wearables such as heart rate, sleep habits, body temperature and overall fitness activity. Consequently, sensor-fed information can send alerts to patients and caregivers in real-time so they get event-triggered alerts for health concerns. This will massively improve workflow optimization to ensure care is managed effectively.

Interested in learning more about the IoT in the healthcare industry? Reliable can provide tools, counsel and so much more, to help you take advantage of all of these benefits. Contact us today to learn more.


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