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10 Reasons to Consider App Modernization in 2019

Application modernization is a big trend, and an increasing number of organizations are coming to recognize the benefits they can receive from modernizing their legacy tools. Here are 10 reasons why app modernization is a hit in 2019:

  1. It’s time: Technologies go through broad lifecycles in the marketplace, and many applications that were developed in the earliest days of hosted software and mobile computing are based on technologies that have stretched as far as they can. This puts many apps at the end of their useful lifecycle and in desperate need of updates.
  2. Less disruption: Modernization allows workflow to run with a lower potential of disruption than fully replacing apps. The limited disruptions keep functions running smoothly.
  3. Strong ROI: Just as it’s often a better investment to renovate an existing building than it is to knock it down and build a replacement from the foundations up, so too does app modernization usually feature an excellent ROI when compared to replacement.
  4. Cost: While ROI involves cost, sometimes the cost of a full digital reinvention – no matter the return – is outside your price range. Modernizations are generally an affordable way to improve over the status quo.
  5. Progress on off-strategy problems: Every IT department has a list of problems that aren’t in the strategic focus at the moment. App modernization is one way to address some of the problems on that list, without losing too much focus on the big organizational priorities that take up most time and resources.
  6. It can be an intermediate step: While you might not be ready for a completely new app, you still want to improve current functions. App modernization can create visible and significant progress while not using as many resources as a comprehensive rebuild.
  7. Unlocks hidden value: Modernizing obsolete applications gives them the ability to interact with the modern digital ecosystem, opening up new opportunities for unlocking value in data and workflow through interactions with AI and other cutting-edge tools.
  8. Low personnel cost: Lean teams see benefits from app modernizations through lower personnel cost. The planning process takes significantly less staff time, leaving the team to focus their efforts elsewhere.
  9. It’s fast: Speed matters. The project lifecycles for app modernization is significantly shorter compared to those of comprehensive projects.
  10. It works: At the end of the day, app modernization is a hit because it works for businesses looking to improve their IT infrastructure and communication in their organization.

If you’re interested in learning more about how application modernization can work to improve your organization, contact us to find out more.


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