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Why big data is all retailers want for Christmas

Big Data is all retailers want for Christmas. The way we see Big Data has evolved in an unprecedented way. Big Data[…]

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The role of big data in black Friday and cyber Monday shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are those days of the year where customers purchase products at very affordable[…]

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Microservices – The latest buzzword in technology

Microservices are the new rage among software developers today. It is seen to have a natural fitment with apps that[…]

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Knowledge is Power

“Knowledge is Power” – it’s a cliché, isn’t it? Or is it really?   ‘Power’ is defined in almost all the dictionaries[…]

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Internet of things (iot) in healthcare: benefits, use cases and evolution

IoT in healthcare is a paradigm shift towards better patient care. The evolution of this very technology has not[…]

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Five results that might just make robotic process automation worth your while

Automation is a huge part of technological evolution. In the past few hundred years of evolution process we[…]

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Don't be afraid of failure

As each of us go through life, we are all faced with many challenges, some we handle easily…and some challenges we[…]

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Top business intelligence trends of 2017

The real BI trends in 2017:

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Micro services and Containers : 6 Things to know at start time

Micro services are a way to approach complex software designing through small easy services which has a specific role[…]

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How Data Analytics can boost Healthcare IT security

 IoT seems like the biggest thing to happen since the Internet. Imagine the boon it is to Healthcare. Medical devices[…]

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